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Master of the horizontal mill

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  • Master of the horizontal mill

    Thought yall might enjoy this master machinist if you haven't already. Hes in Spain.

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    I wonder how long it actually took him to make those?

    That's one big mill table. Just what I need to recut the miter gauge slots in my table saw.

    Noticed a couple bite marks at the front of the table.



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      In the one I watched a while back he was actually using a horizontal borer

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        I haven't watched any of his other video's, still have to finish watching the one on the diesel / electric locomotive.
        But I wonder how accurate the drilled holes were coming out the other side of the block and what his clearances were.



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          I have watched all of his videos and he has helped me a lot. Not that I have a horizontal mill as large as a New York apartment... You can tell he's been working on that machine for a good long time by his economy of motion and ease with which he operates it.

          I have learned a lot watching his very versatile work holding techniques. Not too long ago I had to hold a large (to me) workpiece at 10, 15, and 20 degree angles to cut 3 beveled faces and I found myself borrowing an idea from one of his videos.


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            I, too have been impressed. He's a journeyman HBM man. Back in the dark ages, I worked with a man who ground crankshafts with the same easy economy of motion. To very close tolerances. Almost looked like he was loafing, but he put out a large amount of work, and was highly respected by all of us.
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              This guy is awesome, uses a big hbm like a bridgeport.


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                Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
                In the one I watched a while back he was actually using a horizontal borer
                Yeah, a horizontal boring mill, which is what he uses, has an extendable spindle (just like a drill press) as well as
                the table for advancing a tool into the work. A horizontal mill has a non-moving socket into which you insert an
                arbour which carries the tool. A horizontal mill is most commonly used for making longer cuts in the direction of
                the 'X' axis of the machine--long keyways being a prime example.
                Just one project too many--that's what finally got him...