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OT: This is Very Scary News

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    Originally posted by Glug View Post

    Actually, the sitting around and isolating part is apparently the best way to keep this from spreading like crazy in the near term. Go to your shop and stay there.

    They also say this is going to come back again and again, like the cold or flu, you can get it multiple times. We can only hope it mutates into something more benign. If they develop a vaccine, it will be like the flu - only partially effective.

    This is not your garden variety "Corona" virus. Current numbers suggest it kills 8% of those age 70-79 and 15% 80+.

    I almost never get coughs and work out like crazy, so I am not worried about myself. But I am concerned about family and friends.

    Anyone here old enough to remember the 1919 Stanley Cup? It was cancelled due to the flu pandemic. One hockey player died. Those guys were pretty tough. Sometimes toughing it out isn't enough. The really weird thing about that one, the stronger your immune system, the more likely you were to die.
    It will come back repeatably just as the other version do and the flu etc.That's how diseases works. Working out may make you healthier and more able to resist it but your immune system gets stronger by "working" itself out by exposure to nasty crap that wants to kill you. Poor design.

    Anyone here that can remember the 1919 Stanley cup has more immediate problems then the corona virus, like imminent death due to being a really old fart.
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      Who would'a thought one man could wreak so much mischief? Someone here today complained about parting off issues ...probably caused by Trump, huh?

      The last three or four years I've been watching my portfolio, and the market, more closely that ever before ...really on a near daily basis. The mental picture I've developed of the market is identical to huge flocks of birds, a scene familiar to most of us rural folks. The birds, tens of thousands, will settle down in a pasture or field, and after a while some unseen cause will flush them and they'll all take to the air. After a bit of flying around, in one coherent flock, after which they'll once again settle in the pasture, and after a while the same scenario will play out again.

      It would be nice if the market would just go up and up, in a never ending manner. Remember the hobo song, Big Rock Candy Mountain ?

      love that song.
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