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3 Mills, I Radial drill all need work Cheap NOT MINE!

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  • 3 Mills, I Radial drill all need work Cheap NOT MINE!

    He said the radial drill doesn't need much, the mills are parts machines. He sais $650 for all but IMHO $400 in person cash would buy all 4 as he's on a deadline, the buildings rented. The tombstone should go for $100 & if the BP motor works. If not fix the radial, part the rest.
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    Wow that is a score for somebody. I am guessing you could make at least 1 working mill out of this and the radial. Good stuff for someone that wants some cheap machines and willing to work for it.


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      That's a great deal for someone. There's a 48" radial drill for sale near me for $500, and if had ANY space for it I would have bought it weeks ago when it popped up. Seeing it daily on marketplace still for sale is eating away at me. If it was a 24" or even a 36" I'd probably own it, and make some space for it, but the 48" is just a bit too big for my small shop.


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        That Newall mill is a cnc, you can see the servo motor on the X and Y axis. Can't tell from the pic if the Z is cnc'd. Often mills like that are a bad control and a great retrofit candidate for a home shop.