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Comtor Company that made dial bore gages

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  • Comtor Company that made dial bore gages

    I recently won an Ebay bid for the following:

    Comtor Dial Bore Gage, Model CM-2, Measures 4.3755", Reads in .0001". Overall length 22".

    While I have seen some of these gages over the years I have never owned one. When I searched for I got a web site that said the website was for sale!!

    Does anyone know if Comptor is still in business? Have they been bought out by another company? Does anyone have any information on these gages or know where I can get any information? My fax machine is on the fritz but I'll gladly pay to have a copy made of their dail bore gage owners manual or what have you.

    Please contact me at [email protected]


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    Do you have a picture of this thing - it might help. At one point dial bore gauges were made by many companies. You could check or

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      Unless you do a lot of boring to 4.3755" it dosen't seem as though that guage is going to be very usefull to a home shop machinist. While you can buy bore guages that have interchangeable anvils for a range of diameters many companies have guages for just one diameter. Their machine operators push buttons according to how many lights are showing and check diameters with a quage they were trained to use on day one. "Ya see dat little needle there, well if dat needle is more than 5 lines on either side of da zero (youse can count ta five right?) den it ain't no good ".
      Your description leads me to believe that that is the type of guage you bought.

      Paul G.
      Paul G.