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    Originally posted by thaiguzzi View Post

    Beer should only be drunk from a glass.
    I have never come across a beer that tastes good straight from the bottle, or even worse, a can.
    The Australians drink a lot of beer straight from the bottle, a "stubby" i believe. Certain brands in the US too. Bud? Gross.
    Most of our sense of taste is really sense of smell. Pouring the beer into a glass give it a lot more room to allow the nose to pick up the odors and we notice that as "taste". Many of the American beers from the major brewers don't have a lot in them to taste so drinking them straight from the bottle to get the "buzz" is just as good as pouring them into a glass and faster too.


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      It occurs to me that I ought to try making beer. I already have hops, we have a hops vine out back (and a nasty invasive plant they are, too, I've nearly pulled it up or hit it with Roundup several times.).
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