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Anybody Know Where I Put My Utility Knife?

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    I did some internet research on shredding cardboard. It seems that there are a lot of machines that turn it into packaging material. Two types are popular, just cut into small pieces and slit into a diamond pattern like the expanded sheet metal, which seems to be a lot less messy. One thing that I did notice was that they all claimed to be green or to save money on packaging materials. But with the cost of the machines factored in, I think that the payback period would be several centuries. Not very green or efficient if you ask me.

    I then went out in the shop and just cut the pile of boxes up as I always do. I will let the city do the shredding. Or whatever they do.

    Some years ago they distributed some blue cans (our standard garbage cans are already green) for recycling. And there were rules about what could be put in them. And more rules about what was to be placed in separate piles, near them. That lasted for about a year or two before they figured out that it was costing them a fortune to do that. Those rules were so complicated that no one could follow them. Those blue cans disappeared without a trace.
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    And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
    You will find that it has discrete steps.


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      When I go to yard sales I buy all U can find. I probably have over a dozen. Still can.t find one when I need one.


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        After searching the Internet, I find that it is probably keeping company with your 10mm socket(s).

        For me, it's always my shoe rasp(s). I have an indeterminate number of them. When I can't find one, I will buy another, then one will turn up. I can never get them all together at one time so I have no idea how many there are.
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