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  • OT? YouTube Video Earnings

    I am thinking about getting into the YouTube video thing. I will probably do this regardless, but I understand that you can make money with that and I am wondering just how much would be reasonably expected. I would appreciate any information from those who do this may be able to provide.
    Paul A.
    SE Texas

    And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
    You will find that it has discrete steps.

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    Neighbor kid's band had music vids up on it. They made a couple hundred a month from it.

    Folks with a major amount of views probably can get more, and after they have a lot of vids up, it could become interesting. Some have hundreds up, like Mr Pete does (I think) and probably get a nice little profit.
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      Here is some info on new rules for monetization on YouTube.

      Here is a calculator showing how much you may expect to make. Looks like about $2/1000 views.
      Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
      USA Maryland 21030


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          Good grief, is that really from a marketing company or some South African scammer? The grammar and spelling is totally horrible. Don't they review what their people post? Or does it even matter any more?

          Originally posted by PStechPaul View Post
          Here is some info on new rules for monetization on YouTube.

          Here is a calculator showing how much you may expect to make. Looks like about $2/1000 views.
          Paul A.
          SE Texas

          And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
          You will find that it has discrete steps.


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            You only make pennies if your a small channel. Not really worth it unless you are big time. I could monetize mine but since I am small I just really don't see the need. All you end up doing is aggravating your viewers with the ads.


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              If you do it for the love of it, people like you as a person, and work at it seriously full time with good video editing, lighting, and sound, and actually have interesting content, perhaps after a few years you'll see something. Or you could be a natural talent like Clough42 and swing grand slams right from the start.


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                What I find boring and off putting. Posting every basic machining job on you tube.. the simple stuff. And worse , we have had people come on here and post links and ask people to watch... Hey checkout .. Jimmy makes a Bushing ! , ,! Featuring drilling and BORING.. and as a bonus PARTING and facing !
                ...There are already hundred of videos showing the basics. Imo....
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                  Originally posted by PStechPaul View Post
                  Here is some info on new rules for monetization on YouTube.

                  Here is a calculator showing how much you may expect to make. Looks like about $2/1000 views.
                  I was thinking about doing this last year before my world fell apart completely. Basically because I truly love what I do, and I could see trouble coming and wanted to establish a "side job" income that is independent from "the system".

                  My question regarding that $2/1000 views is, is that only during a certain time frame, or is that as long as the video is up? Time limits on that? Mr. Pete has videos that are almost a decade old, is he still making bank on them?
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                    I admire your interest in YouTube posting, and it might be a fun project to see where it takes you. If you make the big time, always remember your beginnings as things could get out of hand. You certainly don't want to become another Harvey Weinstein.

                    By the way, if you do post video, please let us all know, here to support whatever you do! And, please, please, please, do not use your cell phone to do videos. There is nothing worse to look at than a narrow, jerky video, or the cell phone has that "shake elimination" where is looks like everything is made from wiggling jello, that is far worse than shake IMHO.
                    S E Michigan


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                      ...and don't play loud music some may not wish to hear, or that drowns out any speech.

                      ...and plan out what you're going to say so that you're not saying "...and uh.." or ", you know..." two or three times every sentence. And try to come up with a lead in statement other than "Hey guys... ."
                      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                        Do what others do that work. Abom79, Clickspring, This Old Tony, etc. Be your own worst critic.


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                          I have a difficult time watching most Video's because of the poor quality and maybe because my good friend Ron was a Video Professional (TV ) and Industrial Video Producer -
                          being around him made me more attentive to video "codes of conduct" ( my term)
                          Some points to mention.
                          1. Get rid of all clutter around the object of the recording, like no rags in the picture or garbage and if you can , have a white background for clarity
                          2. (Important !!!!) If the Object moves- Keep the Camera in one place !
                          I f the Object is stationary, then move the Camera STEADY-
                          When moving the camera, maintain the same vision as a person would view the object NORMALLY ,
                          in other words do front- side- back...NOT front- back -- then side - and be smooth ! ( Front- Close up- front again- Side ect
                          3. For details or close ups , have an abundance of light.
                          4. For complex machines , show the entire machine first , so the viewer understands the close-up and what part he is viewing
                          5. Before a detailed view , explain the function ( briefly if possible before details ) so the viewers brain can absorb the thought prior to seeing it ( beware of visual overload during first sight of a new process/operation )
                          6. Minimize or eliminate BACKGROUND noise if you are recording sound during the recording.----AND speak clearly ( use a script !)
                          7. Keep your hands out of the viewing perspective ! ( A guy mikes a part and all you see is the back of his hand- have the camera in the proper location !)

                          So if you plan to do Youtube stuff , be aware that you are not recording a family picnic.
                          Personally I have trouble watching Youtube machinists because once a cut is started on a lathe for example, I don't want to sit and watch all 5 minutes of turning , complete waste of time looking at chips unless a critical result occurs which should be seen. ( its called proper editing ) . Any more than 5-10 seconds of a cut becomes boring IMHO
                          Lastly why do most of the programs spend 20 minutes talking before any action ???

                          Hope Ron's guidelines help others
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                          Green Bay, WI


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                            Yeah I don't need to see 3 minutes of a cut, and hear .l well look at those nice chips eh or other banter while watch a lathe cut under power feed.. yes most of us DO know what that looks like.
                            make videos with content, not just taking up time. . Want a harsh but real evaluation.. post it here and invite us to tell what WE REALLY think, and inite us to be HONEST..


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                              You're on the homemadetools forum, Paul. Watch the DIY videos there, if you can. Most of them are boredom made solid, even if run at double speed. I've pretty much given up on them unless they come from someone with an established reputation.

                              Start every video with a thirty second or so explanation of what you're going to build and why someone would want to build it. After you've made the video measure its length and then edit it to half that number.

                              Oh, and remember, advertisers now rate the attention span of the average target at 8 seconds, one less than the 9 second span of the goldfish. Millennial attention span is estimated to be 5 or 6 seconds.
                              Regards, Marv

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