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Gearless Angular Drives

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    It has a fixed angle, whereas one of the universal joints can vary the angle, so it is a bit of a gimmick, I think.


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      Not really, that video shows a real unique "crazy joint" but it seems to do what is was designed to.

      The one I recall was close to the pic posted by Skunkworks, except there were at least six rods, and the input and output shafts were chamfered at 45 degrees (or whatever the drive's set angle was) so that the shaft ends were in very close proximity to each other, allowing the rods to remain very low in their bores, so that they extended no more that what was necessary for full rotation. The whole corner was enclosed by a two piece brass casing that attached to the shaft holders. The outer ends of the shafts were keyed and the whole thing pretty finely machined. Even in a kid's hands the 1 inch shaft 90 degree drive turned with ease and was as smooth as can be.

      He was German and Swiss, so I guess had a propensity for fine detailed machine work. Perhaps he was using these as prototypes for marketing purposes, as there was a wooden rack with about 6 of these at various angles. When they were our neighbors, he was in the process of closing shop and these were in among many other tooling and parts in several pallets of shop items he had in his home shop/garage.

      From posts and a little more internet digging, it looks like the concept has been attempted but still, not widely adopted. I was just curious about it.

      Thanks all who commented.

      S E Michigan


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        Looks like a variation of a swash plate pump.


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          Originally posted by QSIMDO View Post
          Looks like a variation of a swash plate pump.
          And yes Sir you are correct. JR