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Rough machining with a bandsaw?

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    I tried a search in the article index but couldn't find it. There was an article in one of the Village Press publications fairly recently about building a base for your bandsaw that improved the use for machining cuts a great deal. It included a cutting table that could be raised and lowered so your cut would shut off automatically at the point you wanted and the cut would be parallel to the table. The article showed an example of slotting a collet-like device by mounting it in a rotary table. I am stuck on crutches for 3 months or I would be making one myself.


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      Uncle Dunc:
      I believe every word that flows from his mouth - the man is a genius. I just think it is a shame to turn that enormous chunk of Hastalloy into 6's & 9's and shovel them up into a scrap bin. I realize he is right - I just don't like it.

      The Scotsman in me is weeping big crocadile tears...


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        If you've tried thermite, you're a step ahead of me. I've only been reading about it for the past 30 years. I found a company that sells fireworks supplies online. They had aluminum powder in a couple of different particle sizes, as I remember. I suspect finer is better for getting the reaction started. Once it really gets going, you can burn pretty good size chunks of aluminum. The Royal Navy lost an aluminum ship to fire in the Falklands war. I've also read that the igniter has to be really hot and stay hot for longer than a few milliseconds. I found a site that described making igniters for model rockets that looked interesting.


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          Regarding rough machining with a bandsaw....Doall company was showing a prototype CNC saw with multi-axis work holder at Westec in LA a few years ago.

          The demo showed making clevis ends on large square bar stock.

          Apparently, the idea never got enough interest to become a viable product for the company.



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            It's incredible how these threads can grow and branch! Thank you all for the encouragement.

            I removed the vise from my horizontal bandsaw table and made an extra hole for a hold-down bolt so I could clamp the cheap angle vise that came with my mill/drill to the bandsaw. The blade just grazes the edge of the vise jaws. Now I can cut small (or large) work pieces, and hold them at an angle so that the blade has the correct angle when it reaches the desired depth. I don't have a good design yet to stop the blade descent at the right depth, but by watching the cut I can simply lift the blade when it's done. Roughed out some T-nuts for the mill/drill table this way.

            Thanks, too, for the thermite reminder. First time I heard about it was at MIT in '52 where the legend of welding a trolley car to its rails was often repeated.



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              Did thermite myself once or twice, just for kicks. I used magnesium strip for the igniter, and the rest was a standard thermite welding formula I found somewhere. I don't recall the formula though, and don't want to guess...