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  • Mike P
    A pelican hook is used to terminate the end of a length of wire cable. It allows you to remove the cable from it's anchor point. Boats use them on the ends of the lifelines to allow the lifelines to be unhooked from the last stancheon or pulpit so the crew can say, haul on some sails from the dock, or climb over the side to swim easier, or whatever.

    The pelican hook has a slight "over-center" feature to the hook portion that reduces the load on the clasp.

    Go here to see one. (you might have to copy and paste this address because it might wrap at the end of the page. ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&langId=-1&catalogId=10001&productId=72076

    Here's another:

    Mike P

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  • Stepside
    started a topic Pelican Hook

    Pelican Hook

    I was at the local tool and hardware yesterday and a customer came in looking for a "pelican hook". Said it has something to do with a manhole or manhole cover and was on the drawings. We were all stumped as to what it was. So anybody got any ideas?