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  • vnmg insert size

    I am looking to get some vnmg tool holders and inserts for general profiling on my manual 16X60 lathe. I see there are two different sizes available, the 431 style and the 331 style size. Which would be more appropriate for the size of lathe I have? Thanks Paul

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    The larger would match your lathe better.
    I bought some of the smaller size in a job lot and got toolholders for them in left and right. They look fragile compared to other styles of cutter, I would hesitate to push then too hard.
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      .I use mostly 3/8 IC size on my 13" lathe (33x). They're a little cheaper, and the holders come in smaller shank sizes. That being said, if you're going to take heavy cuts, spending the extra might be worth it.
      I cut it off twice; it's still too short
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        Thanks Old Mart and Tim


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          400 series. Its a big lathe. I mostly use 300 series size for my use and inadvertently get some 400 sized stuff (neg rake) I cant use. Ill though a few in a mailer and let you see if that is the correct size for you.

          On a side note my best bud would use the smallest bit on a 16" ReedP. Never broke a bit, just wore them out LOL Del....

          Anyway, if you want a couple of VN bits lemme know. Might have a holder also but that you paying shipping. Lemme know... JR


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            Thanks JR, I sent you a message, Paul