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hydraulic press tonnage needed to bend 5/8" stainless rod ~45deg

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    turns out the question was moot as once I mocked up the rod and the movement of the shifter, a straight shifter rod was the only way to get all the gears without hitting the seat, dash or his leg. Learned alot about pressing tonnage though, so it wasn't a wasted exercise. Here's the transmission end with the old Fox body mustang shifter.
    Click image for larger version

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      well, the question wasn't moot in the end, as he forgot that his wife was much shorter than him and would have to move the seat forward = shifter hits seat. We bent the rod 20deg away from the seat, but that moved the end of the shifter too far away in 5th gear, so we added a second bend a about 3/5 the way up to bend it back. That seemed to do the trick. Both bends were easy, no real strain. Used my little adjustable bottom die to put the outside of the bend about 2 1/2" apart and used a 1" steel rod for the upper die.