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  • Monarch CY lathe help

    Anyone know about the old Monarch CY lathes? This one is a 16 X 30. Motor HP is my question as well as realistic price range. Anyone more familiar with more details is great also 😁.

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    The CY came with 5, 7 1/2 or 10HP motors. On the 16x30 it's most likely to be the 5HP, but you could order it any size.

    Hard to determine price from just a model number. Kind of like asking "What's my F150 worth?" The value is mostly determined by how common similar tooling is available locally. A lathe like that in meh shape might bring $700 in the rustbelt but $2K in the southwest. Tooling would be above that, typically. That being said a friend got a nice condition LeBlond 16x54 with good tooling for $700 here in the middle of the desert southwest, so you never know.


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      When the Monarch lathes were new, they were some of the premium machines out there. That was a long time ago, depends on condition and other variables.
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        Thanks for the input. In my area machine tools are very over priced. I have a 10-40 Sheldon exk circa 1954. I could sell it for probably 1500.00 with zero tooling. The same would go for a fraction in many parts. It's a decent lathe but bigger is better 😁.


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          The question is what is it worth to you? If you aren't buying it to resell then the price is whatever your wallet can stand. I have a few tools I got really cheap but I've been buying stuff for 10 years, I have other things that were too expensive but I really wanted them. Think of how much you could do with a lathe in say 5 years and compare that to getting "that awesome deal" 5 years from now. That said condition is everything. When I first started to outfit the shop I wasn't as picky as I am now.
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            They are good machines. We had a a pair of Monarch 16" × 54" CWs at one shop I worked in, they were great. They had been sped up to obtain about 1,000 RPM on the top end and both had 10 HP motors. We sold one - this was maybe around 2007 - and replaced it with an American 24" lathe. As I recall we got about $3,500 for it.