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    Ummm? Are we hugging now? Ok, Im in I have an old TD plasma cutter. Slices 1/2' SS bank vault doors just fine. Want pics? They have been on here for years.

    What I do like bout my cutter is the thin kerf.

    Its only rated at .5" and sure as chit it will cut a thin slice out of some safety deposit box faces, it eats 16ga cold rolled. Thats why I needed it. JR


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      Originally posted by john b View Post
      When I use my plasma cutter, Victor cutmaster 42. It will cut great for about 1 to 2" then flame out , release trigger and then NJ it will restart and it will cut for an other 1 to 2". This is all with a contact tip. Do any of you know what could be causing this. Thanks John b . Sw Chicago burbs.
      Sounds like Ground. JR