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    That is a great knurled knob. I love it.

    Why are almost all screw heads or nuts and even some knobs always made too small for the intended use. I love changing the small, OEM ones for ones that are a decent size and that do not hurt my fingers when I use them.

    Originally posted by CPeter View Post
    The knurled knob looked like a really great idea, so I made one today. It is a huge improvement, thank you. I attached mine with a ¼x20 set screw.


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    Paul A.
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    And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
    You will find that it has discrete steps.


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      The double strap winch is brilliant!
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        My comment on your excellent handwheel design is snarky: how on earth are you going to match that Chinese orange paint? LOL

        As for the strap winch table hoist, very interesting design. How did you get everything aligned so both ends of the table are lifted equally? My hoist table winch design has been working well for 2 years now. It isn't perfect, but it's much better than it used to be and always works with a little fiddling:

        - metalmagpie


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          Even if he did match the orange paint, it wouldn't fade to pink like the Chinese stuff!
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            To clear up a couple of things. The knob on the jack was not my original idea. Someone else suggested it and I thought it was good so I machined the knob and installed it.

            The trick to getting the table level is to connect everything, level the table after running it up and down a few times to get all the slack out of the straps by moving the winch left to right AND THEN BOLT THE WINCH DOWN!!

            Actually, the winch would lift a lot more, but it really is just about right for ease of use and at less than $20 delivered.

            The hand wheel is from a tailstock or apron feed. It was a gift and what I had on hand. Works perfect. The acme screw was a broken vise screw, another gift.
            Grantham, New Hampshire