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    Originally posted by Mr Fixit View Post
    HI Bob,

    I have a set of square drive sockets that I'd let you have for the price of shipping, I'll never use them and I got them in a box of stuff that has paid of itself long ago. I'm in Portland Oregon. Just send me a PM and we can work it out. When I get to the shop this evening I'll shoot a pic and post it as an edit here.

    Click image for larger version Name:	IMG_20200406_150135143.jpg Views:	52 Size:	1.05 MB ID:	1866815Click image for larger version Name:	IMG_20200406_150024632.jpg Views:	50 Size:	388.2 KB ID:	1866816

    The set is all 5" long and made by the WALTON CO. Hartford Connecticut. as I said I'll never use them so might as well give them to a good home that will make use of them. Just PM me.

    Going to a new Home today

    Mr fixit
    Those are actually tap drivers - pretty handy when your tap is not long enough to reach.


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      Here are some old 1/2" drive sockets for sqaure nuts&bolts Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2746.JPG Views:	0 Size:	1.51 MB ID:	1868883


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        Chris, I sent you a PM.
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          For the smaller setscrew type square head ones, I found a "dogbone" style ratchet wrench that does 4 different sizes, 2 at each end, using the two different sides. Handles the ones up to 3/8" or so square. As soon as I saw it, I nabbed it right away. It has been useful.

          I have a selection of square head wrenches as well, some Armstrong style box wrenches, of which a couple are 8 point, and also some t-handle types. Some of them are with the machines that need them, mostly the t-handle types, such as the ancient T&C grinder where they are recessed in the sub-table for clamping it in position, etc.

          Right now I have more square head wrenches than square head screws! I was going to use the square head setscrews in the toolpost, in place of Allen setscrews, and some similar locations, but at the moment, I am fresh out. I bought a bunch of them years ago at a sale, and finally ran out.
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