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Logan gearbox issue

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  • Logan gearbox issue

    I have a MW/Logan 2136 lathe. I have not used the power feed in quite some time and last time I did it seemed fine, but now it makes a knocking/clunking noise when the drive is engaged. Same noise level and frequency in either drive direction-this is just with the gear box drive engaged, not the cross slide or apron. Nothing obvious that I can see from the outside but wanted to ask for advice as to what to look for when I take the box apart, and any suggestions as to how to do this. The lathe has been moved (without disassembly) twice in past few years, and I did remove the spindle once to replace the drive belt.

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    I'd start with checking the transfer gears under the end cover. While there you can disconnect things by shifting the banjo and turn the gear box by hand to see if there's anything nasty you can hear and feel. Also make sure that the threading and feed levers on the apron are fully in the open or disengaged position. If they crept a little they might be just catching the shafts a little. If all is smooth then re-engage the back end gearing with care to get just a thin paper's thickness of clearance.

    I'll bet something like these things is the issue. Or at least you will confirm that it's in fact the gearbox.

    A lot of the boxes are open on the lower side. I don't recall if the Logan is that way or not. Perhaps something bounced up or touched from below and there's a big nasty chip stuck to one of the gears. That would make quite a clatter as well. Maybe use an inspection mirror and good lighting to see if you can see anything like that wedged into place.

    And check for any other unlikely things you can think of along the way. It's not like things to go bad just sitting there.
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