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bending tubing to exact tolerances??

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    Do you have any experience with heat-sticks. I have a mess of them in 200 degrees. Reckon if ya heated it up to 200, welded it, then wrapped it up to cool slowly would it be okay? That was my plan (chrome moly) up to now, I got to thinking and now I am gonna read some more. Even the minor welds at the place I work must be preheated, I am surprised to see a water vapor line come out of the steel. Reckon the heating removes the water? My welds at work look a lot better than the ones at home-shop. I thought it was the welding machines tho, they have good ones (the kind I can't afford yet) Them square wave machines are great.

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      RB, i do not have pics of the notcher. It is my friends, who lives in mystic are more than welcome to come check it out. It is one of the best tools we ever bought...well worth the money.
      A friend of ours has had one for 20+ years. he and his 3 brothers race stock cars and have built dozens of chassis using the lowbuck notcher...thats why we bought one.


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        Looked at your photos - Man your kid has a lot of tatoos! Oh, that WAS you! Sorry, you looked so much alike with those gnarly glasses on...

        On your salsa, it needs some bite. Throw ten Habanero (Scotch bonnets) into the food processor and toss it in - then stir and let sit. Yum! Tip: if you leave the peppers on a shelf for a month not only will the cockroaches fear to go near it but they will get softer and much, much hotter. We have fire extinguishers in our bathrooms - just in case.


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          You are a nut. The jalepenos are quite hot enough for me. I found the garlic, the onions and the peppers to cure a common cold. Habenero's are soo damn hot I can no longer taste them. WE have been using about 3/4 the normal amount of peppers in ours. If you have to add them, you are a lot tougher than I am. ANyways friend, I hope you enjoyed the salsa recipe.
          As far as the tubing and the frames, I see some more jigs coming down the pipe. Something to hold the tubing whilst I tack them in straight. I need more hands. I saw some angle iron clamps somewhere with adjustable flat link between them, I likey, I wanna.. (a man can never have enough toys)


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            My buddy (we are also both "Dave") have a saying: "If the smell of it cooking don't choke the cook, it ain't hot enough." Of course, this has serious repercusions during "whale song time" (extra gas), or "I should have never let it sit in the fridge for a week - It burns! It BURNS BAD!" Oh well, gotta have a hobby.

            Like the paint job on the wheels too. Do you let you son help with projects?


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              Yes.. Thrud.. She did help some.. she picked the colors of the metalflake. I had to buy a special spray rig with a large orifice just for this paint job.(I think you are talking about the stude truck) Her mom has cut her hair in the past, made all my friends think she was a lil boy. She really didn't like that and now she is old enough to have a voice of her own she probably will let her hair grow. (like her dad did in the seventies) MY 16 year old son, well he was/is useless since he has discovered the internet and girls. Next time you get the flu.. try that salsa as a remedy.

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