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  • inteference fit?

    my project is to attach an optical mount to a steel cylindrical base and i can not damage the base with holes or welds. I can use aluminum or steel for the mount. my question is where can i find the data, or if some kind soul can deliver the data on dimensions to use for each material to get a,
    compression fit/interference fit, if that is the proper term so the mount will be permanently affixed to the tripod base?

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    Have tried to email you a file with info you need. One real easy way if you can do it is to have .001 to .002 clearance and use red Locktite*


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      lacking a machinist handbook......figure on.001 /inch ....double that for hard drive/shrinkfit ..1/2 it for light drive fit......thickness/material of female must be considered(splitting out).......loc tite is cheating,but may be necessary if u miss spec.

      best wishes


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        How soon do you need this, and what are the sizes? I have a handbook for fits and such, and can look this up, but it is at my shop. I can get this tomorrow and reply.

        CCBW, MAH


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          These days, Loctite is frequently the way to go for stuff like that. If you use #609, have a reasonable amount of surface area, have the clearance recommended (usually as per gvasale), and clean the surfaces beforehand, you'll never get it apart. You'll also get only one shot at putting it together....
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