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Need Education on Endmill Flute Styles

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  • Need Education on Endmill Flute Styles

    I was wondering if speeds for different helex angles and 2,4 or 6 flutes vary in the same Diameter. Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_2785.JPG Views:	0 Size:	1.42 MB ID:	1871488 The dark one is 1/2" Carbide with 6 flutes and 1" roughing is HSS 5 flutes.
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    Spindle speeds would stay the same for HSS endmills regardless of flute style. Reed rates would increase for higher numbers of flutes and a rougher endmill would takes higher feed rates than a regular flute EM with the same number of flutes. Carbide endmills of couse would take a faster spindle speed than HSS.


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      Speeds would be the same assuming the same diameter of end mill, but the feed rate will be different depending on the flute count. With the same chip load per tooth, a higher flute end mill can be fed faster assuming chip evacuation can still be accomplished. Roughing end mills are a bit weird, the speeds are going to be the same but the feed rate is usually higher vs a standard end mill with the same flute count


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        I've read that those high helix high flute count carbide end mills are good for hard steels. Roughers are just the bomb for metal removal


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          Thanks Guys was not sure if 2 flute would run at slower speed as 6 flute to reduce vibration of courser flute spacing,appreciate the clarification.