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O/T: With all the Big Heads here. Electrostatic VS Electromagnetic.

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  • O/T: With all the Big Heads here. Electrostatic VS Electromagnetic.

    I only bring this up because I was thinking about the time I shoved a steel, blade screwdriver into an electrical outlet. On the ship.

    Right below my fire control station is an electrical outlet. Regular 110-115vac. I was servicing the fire control station and underneath it when the slackers came strolling into CIC.

    We were docked. I was doing PMS (preventative maintenance system) and they were bored. These are also a bunch of big heads. It was a new ship with state of the art Everything at the time. So these other three FC's come in to watch me work, no chit I cant make this up.

    So I am buttoning up the belly of my Station and they pipe up about the receptacle. I dont remember why or anything. The receptacle was on the ship, not not equipment. That is ET land.

    So they say shove that screw driver into the socket like you said you could do.

    Yes, pretty big back story that led up to that.

    So I knew I was on a one inch premium flooring, some type of rubber. So I cleared my body parts and rammed the screw driver into the hot side. Then grabbed the steal of the driver and HUH. I didnt die that day.

    Oh, and the hottest circuits we ALL had to work on (PMS again) was the continuous wave radar. 1M W out the horn (for the missiles).

    Metal vacuum tubes start resonating at its own Freq. And then we get run off from that in it is in the X-Ray band. So when you open the outer cabinet to service the tube its a disaster zone.

    PMS. For that service cycle it starts with rounding up yer tools, lots of beryllium and gloves. Long gloves that also get their own PMS service. Any they were rubber with talc on the inside.

    See, one of the services we did was to fire up that stage of MK-92. One stage is a Magnetron for search and track. This one is a targeting CW for a missile. To get 1MW out the horn you have to produce 2.5MW down below.

    So thats what this amp did. And you had to service it running. Full go. I forget the numbers. 50KA always stuck with me though.

    Metal vacuum tubes are pretty cool. Yes, it did NOT have a window for seeing the action. A metal tube that eats 50KA and we had to measure the anode for voltage.

    When you open the outer case the inside is a cage painted RED, funny, the tube (prolly 18" tall and skinny, maybe 3")

    So you glove up, check the power numbers (in remote service mode) get the 14" prob and open the access hatch for the prob and land on the top of the tube. Anode or Cathode? I always forget because electrons can run + or- .

    The reason we checked the tubes as a matter of need is to check degradation. The voltage test is one of several we did per PMS to make sure we were not Just a fishing boat. I love Sea Food.

    But NO. We were a bad assed Ship that saved lives. Thats all I know.

    Dont do like me

    Stay Away from Screwdrivers, you will Poke yer eye out..... Stay Safe my Peeps... JR