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Its Finally Back down to 92F In My Office

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  • Its Finally Back down to 92F In My Office

    Yep, that's right. "Down to" 92F... and it feels so much cooler than it did a little while ago.
    Ok. I'm cheap. I admit it. I had not yet turned the air conditioning on in my office this year. I was in the machine room doing cleanup and it was getting hot, so I opened the door to the office, set a fan in the doorway, and turned on the office air conditioner. It felt like it was just getting hotter and hotter. I said the heck with this and headed into the office to cool down. It was like jumping out of the oven into the furnace. Holy crap it was hot. I put my hand up in front of one of the AC vents and it was blowing HOT (as in heated) air. After some testing I found the AC worked if I manually connected the wires (heat pump reversing valve and compressor to control power lead.) I figured the control wire was bad. Its UV rated, but this is Arizona. We don't have UV. We have Super UV.

    I pulled up some wire, cut it off shorter and rewired it. I had left excess inside the building by the air handler knowing in 15 years or so I'd probably have to do that. Now nothing worked. Crap. I had disconnected the control hot before cutting the control wire back. I just forgot the control power comes from the air handler. Not the compressor. I opened up the air handler, and replaced the 3 amp fuse. Now its down to 89F in my office. Its starting to feel almost frigid.
    For a few hours it was cooler out in the shop than it was in the machine room or the office. Might still be.

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    It's no wonder it's so hot in your "Arid-zona" state. You have Two-suns (Tucson)!
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      I was about 30 miles past Willy,s place at 2 pm today.. Click image for larger version

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        My buddy retired to AZ and sent me this for my desk.
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