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Finally got my autocollimator working

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  • Finally got my autocollimator working


    What you see in the photo is actually the edge of the beamsplitter plate, a 1mm thick piece of glass.

    I think its possible they used a triangle as a beam splitter and printed the reticle on the glass perpendicular to the optical axis. Since im using a beam splitter plate at a 45 degree angle, a horizontal wire is in focus across its length but not a verticle one. If a wire is suspended in free space ahead of the beamsplitter plate i get a double image, and its really difficult to get the position of the wire perfect. -but it does work.

    The reason the color is yellow is because i bought a 1/20 wavelength 3" mirror for the target that is selectively coated to reflect green light at a 45 degree angle, and for the 2" mirror missing inside the d638 i bought a mirror selectively coated for 638nm, and im using an led flashlight for a light source. Should improve with a green led.

    Click image for larger version

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    picture of the whole contraption?


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      Is this a build, a restoration?.....would love to see and hear more about it
      in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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        Please post more photos and give an explanation of what it is used for.


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          I used to have a 15 degree polygon reflector, but that was hilger Watts, odd thing it was made during the time that hilger was owned by j arthour rank or the rank film co who were making “ carry on” films, the box of mine said carry on collimating written on it during the training course