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  • Need Milling info

    I reciently purchased a used, but in good shape Jet #16 mill/drill. What are some good references for feeds, speeds and other such helpful information??

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    Machinery's Handbook. Lots of used copies on ebay. New they are $50-$75.
    Big Dipper


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      Look for old textbooks. Some universities and other learning centers will sell old books out of the libraries. Sometimes you can find metalworking books at autions or flea markets. It is not hard to find good sources this way. They can often be found for <$10.


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        On Ebay the "Machiney Handbooks" can be won for well under $20.00. I got a 1954 version for $10.00, $14.00 delivered to my front door. IMHO ANYBODY who owns even a rusted 'ole, beatup, mangy, delapidated, clapped out, holes drilled in the table, cracked head casting, broken elevating lever, missing table clamp, torn up spindle bore, drill press SHOULD HAVE ONE!!!!!
        FYI the newer versions can be gotten on CD too for all of you high tech folks.
        If you have the above drill press you really DO need a copy to help put it right!


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          Thanks to all that replied!!!
          You all gave me some great ideas!!
          Now, out to the shop and back to work!!!!