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    Originally posted by George Bulliss View Post

    Yep, can't forget that mistake – I'm reminded about it every time I see the surcharge for paying off the disaster on my septic tank pump-out bill.

    Besides forgetting to properly tie in the roof of the tank to the walls, the entire plant was built with a much too optimistic view of future growth and we still haven't reached the level of users required to make a plant this size viable so the city and county have continued to have to toss money at it.
    Sorry to hear that George. I got involved because our equipment didn't work as well. However I was able to solve the problems in another plant in Maryland and then went around fixing them. I fixed another one at Eastbrook near Grand Rapids. The engineering firm was responsible for lots of the problems and unfortunately I have never seen one take responsibility yet. Somehow we always wound up fixing the problems on our dime.

    However at my last job we built packaged plants delivered on site ready to run and we selected everything from controls to pumps, valves, tanks, blowers and piping. WAY less problems than letting an engineering firm select a bunch of parts that don't work together and telling us to put them together and make them work.