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O.T. if you liked the flat earther guy your going to luv this...

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  • O.T. if you liked the flat earther guy your going to luv this...

    Why not pet an alligator? and then after it grabs you and your lucky enough to break free in waist deep water even take the time to mutter the words "well - i guess i won't do this again" No - no you wont, cuz your going to get "ett"

    who in the world are we sharing the planet with? are we having fun yet?

    the other interesting little tidbit of info was that she was told not to go near it - and that it just took down a deer a few days before - her reply was something like "im not a deer" Like all alligators go to some kind of school and are shown pictures of deer's and humans with the words "good" and "baaaaaaad" said immediately after followed by either treats or a slap on the claw to further fortify the learning process,

    Hey humans - future disclaimer - if you live 5 stories up and open your window to walk across the street to go to the store and end up splotting on the ground im not going to feel sorry for you - in fact iv gotten to the point where your death is going to make me laugh....
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    It's a shame they killed the alligator.


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      It is a shame - probably could have lived out 5 lifetimes without incident until "hmm - nice lady bringing me lunch" happened, that was most likely it's thought pattern - im guessing her's was something like "wait till I post a selfie of me kissing him on the nose"


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        She was a friend of a guy from another forum I'm on. He's just as dumbfounded by her actions as the rest of us. Apparently intelligent people make stupid decisions too. Tough way to go.


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          She wasn't practicing social distancing.... Hmmm


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            In retrospect I think you would still have to give it up to the flat earther guy, I mean if it was some kinda stupid contest or something of that nature --- for his was a premeditated suicide and her's was just a last minute stupid decision and in many ways I think allot of us can at least relate to that one a little better...


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              I fine example of candidate for this year's Darwin Award.

              Ranks up there with the idiots that smeared honey on their kid's cheek so they'd get a picture of the 150lb bear cub licking their little tyke's face.... And that was many years ago.

              Wildlife is still fine. It's us that are raised in cities and with trained pets and all that don't have a clue. Maybe elementary and high school needs a class called "Real World 101"...….
              Chilliwack BC, Canada


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                Remember Timothy Treadwell? ...Became best friends with the Alaskan brown bears. ....til one had him and his girlfriend over for supper one evening.

                No. Despite the fact that it could be (and was) said that "well he was just asking for it.." nevertheless, I do feel sorrow for someone so naive about their relationship to the real world in such a crucial decision, and certainly the friends and family they leave behind.
                Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                  Lynnl it is why I gave it over 24 hours just out of that statute of limitations having to be up,,, I do remember poor old Timothy - thought they were grizzlies and there were a couple of them,,, all you had was the sound track at the end but it was not pleasant to listen too that's for sure - and it's one thing for him to make the decision for himself but showed his true character when he got the girl involved... he ended up getting everyone killed including the bears and that's really sad....