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HSM stop working on explorer 11

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    Except W10 won't run on my machine because of some of the hardware installed. Is everyone supposed to robot into the "new" software? I was on the evaluation team before W10 was released. It pretty much did nothing then except steal resources and die due to lack of driver support. M$ just keeps taking away functions then wants you to buy them back. If I need W10 to continue posting here, I guess this is my last post. I'll watch as long as I can but I'm not buying hardware and software to just see this board.


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      Come over to the dark side (linux) and leave all the Windows problems behind. I have been using linux exclusively for almost 20 years and will never go back to MS. I am most certainly not computer savvy so any one should be about to use it.


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        Ken, you can load other browsers. The chrome browser should run on Win7. It is the one that MS is rebranding as the "Edge" browser on win10. Rebranding a leading public domain program is what MicroSoft did in the 90s. They took a public domain browser (mosaic) and changed the name to make it Explorer. Then they slowly made it incompatible with other standards and browsers so that it was "better". Much of their TCP/IP networking code was a direct copy of BSD's network stack.

        If you want to jump ship and go to Linux, you can. It's not that hard. I have my octogenarian mother running the Debian flavor of Linux on a $39 computer the size of a deck of cards. She can send/receive mail, surf the web and use a word processor, so it does what she wants.


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          Even Firefox does not work perfectly everywhere.

          I run what is probably the latest version, but this particular site does not always work right. For quite a while, it did not reliably return from page 2 of this forum to page 1, for instance, at least not when using the standard "back arrow" button. It would do OK if you browsed to the top of the page and used the page arrows.

          As far as I know, it is working better now, but that's an example of oddities that can come from the interaction of a particular browser and a particular website.
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            Yes, the back arrow still does not work reliably, so I always refresh the page. Other items that no longer work as well as they once did.

            1. Copying and pasting a link into the post just shows as text. You must specifically make it a hyperlink.

            2. Copying and pasting an image from another site into the post shows up as Base64 coded text. You must either upload it as an attachment from your own machine, or upload it from URL.

            I don't know if you can drag an image to the post. I'll try...

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