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    In using slip rollers to avoid a flat at start, instead of feeding from the front, feed in from the rear.
    I recall reading that tip from a manufacturers instructions.


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      Originally posted by platypus2020 View Post
      We roll rings for work, we roll, until the ends touch, tack weld the ends together, grind the welds flush, continue to roll without tightening the roll, the flat spots will disappear
      So you pre-cut the length of the circumference? Or some amount under or over to deal with any obvious bias away from center and get the proper diameter?
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        Some where looking for ID, other OD depending on the usage, but we cut to the needed length,

        I’d have to ask, as I sometimes roll, I tell the other guy the needed ID or OD, material thickness, we go up to 3/8”, he does some math, then cut the needed length.

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          I've cut to the math circumference calc, and find it does depend on the thickness a little bit, but its better to go over and cut to length when you have the ring and then keep running it through the roller until it is the diameter you desire. may require a trim or two.

          Plunger, here is a link to the roller that I made,no plans, but if you want measurements PM me and I can go get some for you. Plunger, you could also machine round stock grooves in your slip roller to accommodate the size of the material you need, and you have the same thing as a ring roller. In fact the PEXTO 4" slip roller at work has grooves for 3 sizes of round stock at one end of the slip roller just for this job.

          Is there anything like Harbor Freight where you are? They make a roller in 2 variations that you can maybe find if you have a similar kind of store.

          Let us know how you come out on this. you will need to make different dies for the different shaped materials, I just got done making dies for flat stock on mine.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20200502_120602_02.jpg Views:	0 Size:	580.1 KB ID:	1874276Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20200502_143427_01.jpg Views:	0 Size:	751.3 KB ID:	1874277

          Some additional information you might provide is, what size of rings are you looking at? Mine is for smaller materials, but you could up size the design to work with the size your after too.

          Keep the conversation going and well get you on the right track !

          Mr fixit for the family
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            Chris I probably will start with 12mm round bar.I might also bend some 19mm tube.(3/4 inch) For round bar do you need a die or could I get away with a solid roller.Its a real pain making tubing rollers.Although I might already have made a pair of 19mm tube rollers for my pipe bender ,but they are about 75mm od.