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my mom's worst nightmare manifested

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    And here I though you were in an accident and weren't wearing clean underwear...

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  • johansen
    started a topic my mom's worst nightmare manifested

    my mom's worst nightmare manifested

    i created a bastard.

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    the 7/16-10 acme cross slide screw of the lathe has been replaced with mcmaster rolled 3/8-10 acme. i found i was able to cut the leadscrew off, not at the end of the gear but in the middle of the cross slide feed gear and then drill the gear out, this preserves the original gear attached to the original leadscrew while leaving enough of the gear left to epoxy in a new leadscrew and then add a bushing to move it forward 3/8". so i can get about 1/4" face width of contact on the feed gear to drive the new leadscrew..good enough. i made a delrin nut using the flame melting process.. but one of the first tasks will be to make a new nut out of some bronze or brass or cast iron. plastic just isn't stiff enough.

    i'm not sure what lathe the cross slide and compound slide came from but its either an atlass or craftsman wood lathe. found i could make it fit my southbend by adding an 1/8" steel gib to the left and lifting the cross slide up 1/32" of an inch with turcite.

    i had to re-cut the dovetails on the compound slide, they were horrible, as well as machine the top of the T slot, and i milled the aft portion of the compound flat and then epoxied on a piece of 3/16" steel and milled it flat.. i will probably add 4 screws to hold the corners down. the point of doing that was so that in the event i need the capacity i can flip the compound slide around and bolt the tool post to the aft portion and gain about 1/2" capacity as that surface sits about 1/4" lower than the top of the T slot.. --but i will need to redrill the hole for the compound slide nut since flipping it around moves it. i would like to move it around anyways because the gib screws should be on the headstock side.

    i also had to mill both sides of the rotary flange flat (where the two T bolts hold down the compound slide) they were both.. yes, both, warped about .005" the wrong way. meaning tightening the bolts doesn't actually compress the rotary joint together, i had trouble believing it was that bad.

    i may decide to make new T bolts. there is a cavity where the T bolts fit up through the bottom of the cross slide and they have about about a 1/2" square head. i can fit a 5/8 square head bolt in there if i machine the inside and outside radius of the T slot into the T bolt. this is of some interest to me because someone.. cranked on those bolts and left a tilted square cavity in a certain location.. also where the nut tightens down on was left "as cast" so, its not necessarily flat which would help you leave a dent each time you move the compound slide.

    the cross slide piece is die case aluminum but very weakly magnetic.. probably zamac but its in really good condition.

    everything else is cast iron except for the gibs. which are probably zamac or aluminum bronze of some type. slightly magnetic and they spark a bit on a grinding wheel and they are definitely somewhere between cast iron and steel for tensile. not easy to cut an oil grove in them with a dremel.