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  • OT How to make beer.

    We were informed that we will go into lockdown for three weeks but then they extended it indefinitely. Im not much of a drinker but I enjoy a beer over the weekend .Well booze and cigarettes are banned.

    They have now released 19 000 covid prisoners who have so called minor offences.I am always amazed at Americas justice system. In my country you get out on bail for $75 for cases involving murder.Now they are replacing the prisoners with new prisoners . If you are caught without a valid excuse to be out you land up in jail.
    Ive run out of beer and need to make my own. Has anyone done this. I dont care if its pineapple beer or ginger beer or any beer (there has been a run on pine apples). What kind of set up will I need and this might not be totally off topic.
    Will I need to make a still.? I should have paid more attention to the bootlegger tv programme.

    In the meantime most law abiding S Africans are resorting to crime to buy ciggies and booze.

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    if you end up making a still, really really learn the temperatures....methanol is the first stuff to come out of it. I've never made beer or liquor, preferring instead the consumption side of things


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      I have made beer. In fact, I have made many (hundreds of) gallons of (absolutely wonderful) beer. And I've enjoyed every moment of the journey, from the initial preparation and planning to the elimination of the final drop. Unfortunately, the equipment you need to successfully make beer, while very simple and inexpensive, is varied and fairly specialized. It is best purchased from one of the many, many very talented retailers who specialize in such things.

      Making a still is for spirits, that is, hard liquor. While possible and legal (in the US), it is several orders of magnitude more difficult to make spirits safely than it is to make delightful beer.


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        I dont want to make a mistake. I have some extremely valuable hard to find pineapples and some instant yeast.
        I wonder what this guy did wrong.


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          You won't need a still for making beer.

          Being in SA, I'm assuming you're not going to be able to get your hands on malt extract and will have to go from start to end yourself.

          For supplies you're going to need water, malted grains , hops, and yeast. Lots of recipes out there depending on what you like to drink.
          For equipment you'll need a large pot heat water in, a mash turn, a brew kettle, a fermenter (with air lock), and some heating method.

          Super simple process:
          Water gets heated in the large pot for mashing. Temperature of that water depends on the recipe. The grains go into the mash turn, which is then filled with the hot water and allowed to soak to extract the sugars from the grain. Once the soak is completed the wort (sugar water) is drained from the mash turn and into the brew kettle. The wort is brought up to a boil (do not let it boil over the pot sides!), and hops are added at time intervals (hop variety, amount, and timing as per recipe) to bitter and flavor the wort. Wort is then chilled as quickly as possible, then poured into the fermenter and yeast is added. Fermenter is set aside and beer is allowed to ferment, then gets bottled or kegged.

          That is a super simple explanation, each step has multiple ways of doing it as per the brewer's preference and the type of beer being brewed. I do not pretend to be an expert at this, but I am being taught by two people who I would consider experts and can brew tripples and porters and IPAs and lagers that will put most of the store-bought beer to shame.


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            Looking up the pineapple beer that folks out your way are making, I'm not surprised there are some deaths. Only one of the three recipes I found say anything about using boiled (sanitized) water and all of them just leave the wort sitting out to ferment. Just imagine what can grow in that high-sugar wort while it's sitting.

            If I was to try that I would look at using the pineapple flesh, adding some additional sugar, and using your yeast. Add the sugar and pineapple to boiling water and allow to boil for a few minutes at least to make sure all bacteria are killed. Then chill and pour into a sanitized 5 gallon bucket and add your yeast. You're a plumber, so I would think you could install some sort of substitute for an air lock in the lid of the bucket to keep everything sanitary while allowing extra CO2 to vent. Don't expect anything good, but it should have a kick depending on how much sugar you add and how long it ferments.


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              plunger, if you do a search on google for "pineapple beer recipe" you will get all the information you need to make your pineapple beer. I have been making beer for over 35 years and it's a great hobby. Good luck.

              I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
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                I have made beer for quite some decades now, been through the one litre can of hopped malt extract, to the mash tun grains etc version, now with down sizing, I have gone to using the 23L kits of wort.
                What they do is brew the beer as normal, but stop short of the fermentation stage.
                So it just needs a carboy and brewers yeast and away you go, bottling in 3 weeks.
                They offer about 8 different versions, and you can use additives etc to enhance the flavour and make you own individual style.
                The last brew I did was a Belgium Trappist from a Oatmeal stout using different additives.
                Collect the Swing top Grolsch beer bottles to eliminate capping.


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                  Collect the Swing top Grolsch beer bottles to eliminate capping.

                  I used to keg most of my beer using the 5 Gallon pop kegs, but when my oldest grandson took a interest in brewing, I gave him all my kegging stuff. Now i use the grolsch bottles also. much easier.You just have to keep people from running off with your bottles.

                  I would rather have tools that I never use, than not have a tool I need.
                  Oregon Coast


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                    The new style Grolsch, 16 will fit exactly in a standard milk crate.
                    I usually have 12 full at any one time!


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                      I have made many different fruit wines,
                      My question is, if you have access to good pineapples, why not make pineapple wine??
                      Beer is made from grains, not fruits, and the grains must be boiled to release the sugars,
                      Wine is made from fruits, not grains, and the sugars are already there, no boiling required.
                      I mean, by the natural progression of available sugars, why not just make wine?
                      Yes, I have made pineapple wine before, it was quite tasty, and easy to do.

                      Liquor is made by taking either method mentioned above, and processing that through a still, to get higher alcohol content.
                      If you make a beer wort from only corn, then send it through a still, you get bourbon,
                      If you make a beer wort from general grains, then send it through a still, then you get whiskey,
                      If you make a beer wort from sugar cane, send it through a still, you get rum,
                      If you make a beer wort from potatoes, send it through still, you get vodka,
                      If you make a wort from juniper bushes, send it through a still, you get gin,

                      If you make a wort from rice, and ferment it AKA wine, you get Japenese Sake,
                      If you take a rice wort, send it through a still, you get Korean Soju.
                      You get the idea,

                      Likewise you can make a fermentation mash from grapes (before finished into wine), send that through a still, and get a kind of grape liquor.
                      You can make a fermentation mash from any fruit, send it through a still, and get the liquor.
                      But, through my experience, if I were you, and I had access to fruits (of any kind) I would make wine, (no boiling required)
                      Better yet, if you can mix up various kinds of fruits, make a mix fruit wine, VERY nice.
                      Yes, I have done that.

                      BTW, why do dry wines age longer than sweet wines??


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                        I have never made beer, but I have made several kinds of wine. The first I tried (and perhaps the best) was dandelion wine, which used not only the dandelion flowers, but also brown sugar, and IIRC lemon and orange peels. I let it ferment in a stoneware crock with cheesecloth, and I didn't use a vapor lock. It turned out really strong. Later I made some raspberry wine, and cinnamon apple from some apple cider, which will go "hard" if you just keep it long enough. I used baking yeast, but brewer's yeast might work better. Good luck!
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                          Made wine a couple times. Decided it wasn't that great, so I went with molasses next time, and 'stilled it. Rum..... not bad either, didn't bother keeping it in barrels, so it turned out about like "Pie", but a bit stronger, if you've ever had that."Peach Pie" isn't bad.... packs a kick, and so did my rum. Much better than the wine.

                          Friend of mine made beer, and some mead. Beer wasn't bad, but went skunky pretty fast, so it was best soon after bottling. I started growing hops, but my beer making friend moved up to Vermont. Hops is a heck of an invasive vine, but the flowers sure do smell like beer!

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                            You may not believe it but there exists a forum that is dedicated to home brewing beer that can take you through the first steps through becoming a professional brewer. I spend plenty of time on there as I have more experience in brewing and consuming beer than I do with any machining. Try


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                              I buy the beer making kits that make 5 gallons at a time. Lots of different types to chose from. Never tried it from scratch.