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    I planning to make some skates out of 3" and 5" C channel,
    I ordered these bearings, I hope these are ok for the purpose ??

    does anyone have a pic of a good skate? I have noticed some with the axle inside the C flanges, some with axle on the back of web with 2x4 between flanges.
    What is better?


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      Check out the northern tool skates for ideas. They are well regarded by many. Two different types in particular. The ones below, and those that have the poly wheels.

      A few years ago surplus center had a bunch of really nice heavy polyurethane wheels for $5. They were dual bearing, 3/4" bore, and about 3"OD and 3" wide. Those are often used as the front wheels on pallet jacks. They are awesome for machine skates. I bought 12 similar ones at auction.. machines glide so nice! I wanted to get some more. SC had 450 or so in stock, and then poof, they were gone.