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Can anyone identify this mystery chuck?

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  • Can anyone identify this mystery chuck?

    This keyless chuck was in the box of stuff that came with my South Bend lathe years ago. Can anyone identify it or what it might have come off? The collar with set screws is part of the threaded section and the ID is about 1/2". I have no idea what the nut and two spaces are for.

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    Tom - Spotsylvania, VA

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    An old thing of the type that was common on the old hand mixer style drills. The size you have there is more akin to one I've got on a larger breast drill that needs rebuilding.

    I'm assuming it has three jaws, right? If it has two with a bit of a "V" on the ends then it's actually a brace chuck intended for the old wood boring bits that have a tapered square shank. If it is that sort it'll hold round shank drills but poorly.

    They often came like you have there on a stub arbor to fit various size motor shafts. Or from the looks of the stub arbor you could buy them like this and attach them to a length of round bar as a long extension drill.

    I think the days when they were common was mostly the 40's, 50's and on through the 60's. But they still show up a fair amount even today. I saw one the other day with a hex shank to let you use it with twist drills in a hand drill style impact screw drivers.

    The nut and two spacers are not normal. Someone added them for something specific.
    Chilliwack BC, Canada


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      That device was used to convert an electric motor into a grinding/polishing lathe. They were available with RH or LH threads.


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        i just happen to have and old hand drill from my dad. A striking similarity! Yes, I can see attaching it to motor for polishing, etc. It would allow one use a variety of buffers and sanding disks.


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        Tom - Spotsylvania, VA


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          It didn't seem like the one that had a big enough end for many motors. But they did come in a range of sizes. What is the hole size in the end?
          Chilliwack BC, Canada


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            It could possibly be used for holding a more permanent wheel of some kind between the two discs and then use the chuck for interchangable buffing wheels. Just a guess.
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              adapter to use modern bits on an old post drill maybe?
              As in this: