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I'm a winner at the Harbor Freight Casino!

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    I bought an air riveter in a well known UK supplier called Axminster Tools. In the box were two complete sets of nozzles, all the springs and seals, spare gripping jaws and a very good instruction book. It has been used on and off at the museum for years without needing any maintenance. It is essential if you have any arthritis in the fingers, pulling the trigger takes no effort at all.


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      I don't do enough rivets to need a pneumatic gun at home, so the hand popper works for me. Most of the specialty import things like that are like a lottery as you know. They either work great, or you want to throw them lol. Glad you got a winner.

      Back when I worked at GM one of my jobs one summer was putting on reveal molding on buick regals/centurys. Using a tube fed rivet gun. Was a nice tool, and would set many thousands of rivets before jamming or needing service. I hated that job though because it was on a drag line, and you couldn't work up the line before breaks/quitting time. All the other jobs around you could get 5-10 cars ahead and get extra break time or beat the traffic and leave early, but that rivet gun while nice to use, tied you to your station.


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        A lot of you folks are basing your Harbor Freight viewpoint on something you purchased 20- 30 years ago. I do not shop much at HF but never had an issue with the current stuff. The new welder line is very good.
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