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Grizzly g0759 Mill? Quality mill, or useless junk?

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    Originally posted by RB211 View Post
    That style mill is NOT a Sieg product, many enjoy it or the Precision Mathews branded version of it. I think Brian Rupnow has the Busy Bee one which is painted in Canadian paint. I can't specifically tell you if it is good for those jobs. I would think so, as long as it is mild steel and nothing hardened.
    Actually its Chinese paint.😁😂🤣
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      Originally posted by Rookhawk View Post
      In the advice above I’m hearing “make sure you practice on something cheap”. That can’t happen, which is why I asked if the tool is any good. Before I run a cut through a hardened, unknown steel item worth $1000-$20,000 I don’t get to experiment.
      I hope you are being paid properly for such high pressure work.
      IMHO there have been good small mills, but none are currently made in the USA. Not since the 1960's anyway. The Swiss have some nice ones if you can afford them.
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        The G0759 is the G0704 with a DRO. The G0704 is very popular and has large third-party support, from minor upgrades tor CNC conversions.

        A couple of years ago I sold my automotive machine shop and let my Gorton vertical mill go with it. I wanted a brand-new machine, and I wanted R8 compatibility, and something more portable than a full-size mill if I have to move. Fortunately a smaller mill would work for what I mostly do. For stuff that a smaller mill couldn't make, I could bum access to a larger mill or farm the work out.

        My choices quickly came down to "mill-drill or G0704/PM25". The upsides and downsides mostly balance out. I went with the G0704 for two highly technical reasons: it was on sale, and the Grizzly warehouse was a day's drive closer than Precision Mathews'. [I also looked at the same mills from other vendors] I didn't like the G0759's DRO; I bought one elsewhere.

        You can plug the G0705/G0759 in and go to work... but it's "Chinese quality." That is, it looks okay on the outside, but it's a good idea to take it apart and clean it out, check the spindle bearings, file off burrs, make any needed fixes or adjustments, put it back together, and tram it properly. I knew this ahead of time; the G0704 is very similar to the X2 I bought some years ago. As the kids say, "it is what it is". You're not going to get at Schaublin or Deckel at Grizzly prices.

        For your purposes the G0759 should be fine.


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          All I can say is if you did not ballast the ships coming from China
          with something, so they ride lower in the water, they would likely
          tip over in the storms. So not totally useless.



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            Originally posted by mickeyf View Post
            Second sentence in first post:

            Then, in post #11

            Sorry, friend, you are doomed.
            I wouldn't be quite so harsh about it, but mickey is not far off. A 10ee or Moore Jig Bore does not make the machinist. I wouldn't touch any expensive guns without some practice.
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