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Request for a dimension on a Grizzly dividing head retainer

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  • Request for a dimension on a Grizzly dividing head retainer

    Looking to find the OD of the wiper retainer spring on the Grizzly 1053/1054 dividing head, shown as part # 32 here:

    If it will work with my slightly smaller B&S index plates, it will be a lot easier to order it from them than to try to make one out of spring steel.


    Dan Click image for larger version

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    I can't help you with your specific request but I did something similar. I have a Central Machinery, 20" drill press that is very similar to the Grizzly model. I wanted a better depth stop than the one on the CM and that requires a bracket that fits on the quill and holds the depth stop screw. I was familiar with and had used the Grizzly DP so I ordered the Grizzly part thinking it should fit. Well, apparently Grizzly must use bigger bearings or something because their bracket has a significantly larger bore.

    I kept the Grizzly part and will make a spacer ring. But this shows that just because two import machines look alike does not necessarily mean that they are alike in all respects.

    Those spring clips are fairly standard. I would take the dimensions that you need or bring in the shaft and go to a well stocked hardware or auto parts store. You can probably find one that fits. That will be a lot faster and probably less expensive than an order from Grizzly or from the OEM.
    Paul A.
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    And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
    You will find that it has discrete steps.