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OT: Saving and re-installing Windows XP Pro on existing or new HDD, Dell D600

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    You've done well. There are always snags along the way when you do this kind of stuff for the first time.


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      Yeah, I learned a lot. I enjoy a challenge, and it's especially gratifying when it pays off. Maybe this will help someone else who may have similar problems. Now I'll think about what I might use this 'puter for. It seems to be a pretty nice machine. I like the full travel keyboard, and the touchpad works well. The lithium battery is in good shape, and the display is nice.

      As for "old computer iron", I have a Columbia Data portable with an actual amber CRT from around 1985, a "lunchbox" portable with LCD screen from around 1990, and a Samsung "laptop" with an orange plasma screen about the same vintage.

      [edit] And the "secret word" was "Virtualizers"...
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        Old computer iron? Heh...

        I have an SWTPC 6800, with data terminal, and a 6809 card (multi-tasking), There is a clone of the original IBM PC running around here, and various desktop and laptops running everything from DOS and Win 95, Win 3.11. XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Got rid of the Apple II long ago, but may have at least part of an S-100 bus machine somewhere. All of them were used as primary computer at one time.

        I used to have (and use) an example of Hewlett-Packard's first product, and I have too many HP items not quite that old in the electronics lab.

        Yeah, I got too darn much stuff that I used to use all the time, and never got rid of when it was replaced.. Some did go away, like one of HP's first tunable voltmeter... yeah I had one of those with the typed 1940s manual.

        We will not mention the three lathes, two mills, two shapers, four drill presses, and several grinders. Oops, I just did.... I must be channeling JR.😁

        Why is it here? Well, as I said, at one time I used it, and it never left when it fell out of use, likely because nobody wanted it. That's true of most of the stuff that is not used now.
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          I had a Sinclair ZX80 and its successor Timex T1000, ca 1980. They had a 4k or 8k system BASIC ROM and about 2k RAM which I upgraded to 16k. In 1984 I bought my first "real" computer, a "Leading Edge" 8086 with two 5-1/4" FDDs and a "Turbo" 7 MHz clock. I think it had 16k RAM which I upgraded to 64k, and I paid over $2000 for it! There is a computer museum here in Cockeysville with some really ancient "old iron" (or is that silicon?)

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot-2018-5-3 System Source Computer Museum Photos.png Views:	0 Size:	870.4 KB ID:	1876534

          When I was a youngster, I made a silly "computer", called "COMPUTAC", which displayed the results of adding three numbers, using multi-deck selector switches:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Computac_3659.jpg Views:	0 Size:	157.7 KB ID:	1876535
          I was still afraid of the hot soldering iron, so I made all the connections with solid wire squeezed onto the terminals.
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