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Chunky Little Motor from Scrap Pile only 4 wires

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    Originally posted by The Metal Butcher View Post

    Maybe you're eyesight is better than mine but I can't read much. That's the most info it's got on it that I can find. 6 1/4x 5". Water cooled, and yes the water jacket froze and busted but an old timer who must have been a master of his craft brazed it back together.

    Motor is a wagner. Looks like repulsion start, induction run. Heavy. Tank is dated 1938, I assume the other components are near that date.

    Sorry for the threadjack.

    Edit: "By 1924, the company had expanded its line beyond its original products, vacuum pumps designed for milking cows" Hmm. The boot does fit. It has quincy compressor co plastered all over it, so it's gotta be post 1924.
    Kinda figured it was from the 20"s or a bit earlier. Stuff from the 40's is over built, but that compressor looks like it would survive a nuclear blast
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      I found this info in a 1920 Fairbanks Morse General Catalouge. Click image for larger version

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