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Lard and Preparation H

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  • Lard and Preparation H

    Preparation H has a Petrolatum ( Vasaline) base and is a petroleum product- Generally the chemical makeup of vaslines contain various degrees of paraffin wax. Vasaline is composed of mostly consistant lengths of molecules with no unsatuartion, thus eleminating the oxidation that takes place in lard to form the sweet smell of rancidity.
    Lard on the other hand is composed of many unsaturated molecules for which oxygen reacts with, forming orgainc acids that smell to high heaven. Lard can also serve as a flux in soldering lead and copper due to the organic acids.
    Vegatable oils may also be useful as some have a high smoke point such as peanut oil. You can make your own coolant by using mobil 1 oil and a emulisifier. Dish soap such as DAWN or IVORY seem to work if you don't have access to emulsifiers specific to the oil. Use 1 ounce oil to 1/2 ounce soap/detergent, stir then dilute 1 ounce per quart of water or less as experiece. To prevent rust, add some sodium Nitrite/Sodium Sulfite Tom

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    Thanks for the info. I will try your cutting emulsion. What started me off on this was an old WW2 navy machinist manual which specified "lard oil" for tapping but advised sparingly, since it was expensive. At one time this presumably was a machine shop supply item, and I bet there is a gov procurement spec. I was curious if anyone still around had actually purchased lard oil or used it.

    The Prep H remark was a gambit. The original version had shark oil. Knew an old mechanic who would coat engine main bearings with it prior to assembly to provide lubrication until the oil pump started working but don't know if he had any other experience with its lubricating properties. Bob


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      TEXACO SULTEX"D" hot fast and cheap!This stuff has a sulpher base with a lard additive makes for slick threads.Also pipe threading oil is very similar but a bit more money.
      I just need one more tool,just one!