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    I am fond of the Autocars with the 4 piece windshhields.
    Like before Mack bought them,



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      To the best of my knowledge Mack never owed Autocar, correct me if I'm wrong.

      Volvo on the other hand has owned Mack for about the last 20 years when it purchased Mack from Renault, and also purchased Renault Trucks itself.
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        You are right Willy,
        I am thinking of Brockway.
        Brockways had the 4 piece windshield.



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          Cool truck, but are you sure it's not a Volvo?
          Or did Volvo buy that cab and use it for their trucks later?


          On registration it actually listed as White GMC Autocar and you&Willy are correct it's under Volvo Division.Parts for Heavy Aotocars are from Volvo and specialty built Autocar such as right hand drive Garbage trucks parts are supplied by Freightliner.

          Originally posted by Willy View Post

          Yes it is, very big box for someone more used to hauling aggregates. How many yards/bushels in that box I wonder?

          At the time Autocar was a division of Volvo, hence the similarity of lineage.
          The Box is 28' long 66" high equipped with 50 ton 5 stage hoist typically used on gravel End dump trailers,biggest loads are 1200 bu of wheat or 32 tonnes.Don't haul that on the highway as that is way over legal limit.
          The frame on this truck is double front to back and triple between the axles,it came from your province up at Fort St John and had a 30' van body on it.


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            Truck I drove was a lot different than yours. Mine looked considerably heavier (all steel, diamond-plate fenders, 3/8x4 bars for the brush guard) 30 foot roll-off with 50-ton winch. setup for off-road recovery. Had the long straight nose, will try to find a pic of something similar on google: it looked a lot like this with a Chelsea PTO winch in front of the bumper:

            Click image for larger version  Name:	autocar.jpg Views:	0 Size:	104.4 KB ID:	1879531
            25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA