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Cebora Plasma Prof 70 plasma cutter - question mainly for euros

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  • Cebora Plasma Prof 70 plasma cutter - question mainly for euros

    This is an old 1990s plasma cutter, 3 phase transformer and rectifier based technology, very heavy at 85kg. Rated 70 ams, 20mm max (less than a smaller inverter would do yes). Has anyone used a cebora like this, or a 3-phase machine like it?

    I know transformer machines are maligned in american circles, but I figure the fact that you guys don't have three phase either most of the time has something to do with that. I know that when it comes to welding at least, a 3-phase transformer rectifier machine can have arc quality on par with the nicest inverters, whereas a single phase transformer rectifier is complete , choppy crapola, so I figure that might have affected peoples opinions somewhat.

    So with that explanation, I am seeking the guidance of anyone who has used a 3 phase machine similar to this and can tell me how it performs vs a modern inverter. Is it worth bothering with at all?

    I am at any rate looking for a 3 phase machine because I don't have single phase breakers large enough to run a decently sized single phase inverter. I am looking used because hey money is tight.

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    In my opinion that is a very nice box. Dont accidentally feed it improper energy without knowing.

    I love the Machine. JR


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      Don't ask me. I still do my heavy welding with a 1980 Craftsman Buzz Box. I have a HF plasma cutter for up to ~1/2" (12mm+). I cut angles in 1" steel for my press plates with a small OA cutting torch. What do I know.