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South Bend Lathe...... Make one out of two?

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    Mine came from a fellow I bought a set of tires from, it was sitting in the middle of the shop at a goofy angle to the world and no power running to it..... Long and Short of it, he said that if he didn't get around to it over the winter, he'd sell in the spring...... When I picked it up, the come-a-long he used to unload it was still hanging from the beam above it. He said he got it through his brother in law who worked for the Kelowna school district.
    A few years later I saw an add on Craigslist for South Bend parts and hauled a pretty good load of pieces from the fellow who did the repairs to them for the same school district. He asked me if I had seen the add for his lathe, Like a dumb mule I told him that I already had one....... I got to help the buyer load it, he sure got a sweet well tooled 10k..... Yes, looking back, I do see that he would have kept the best one for himself. I called him back not much later and it was spoken for......
    I mostly use an AXA toolpost on mine, speaking of which, I believe KMS has them on sale right now, don't recall the price though. Bought a micrometer stop for it in a moment of weakness from ebay a while back, not the end all beat all, but has proven handy several times now.
    Funny story, last year I answered an add for a little 6"Atlas, it was one street down from where I got the South Bend, pretty sure that the backs of the properties touched on the corner..... Hoping one of the grandkids will be influenced down that path a little.....
    "After all, if the girls don't find ya handsome, they better find ya handy" - Red Green..
    If it wasn't done the hard way, I didn't do it.

    British Columbia