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    Sounds kinda funny this, but have you tried a Sears Hardware branch? ~ I'm supposing they are in your area!

    Whilst I was in Detroit last week I went into one of their stores and found a load of goodies, from E clips, bronze bushings, through to a good selection of H.T, stainless, and aluminium fasteners in mush head and s'k't head varieties.



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      RR -

      We have a Sears store with a pretty complete hardware selection half an hour away. One of the first places I tried. They sent me to an industrial supply outfit in Bath (big ship building town), but they were no help either. I should probably cultivate folks at Bath Iron Works (the shipyard) but haven't done so yet. I suspect that Sears can't support the kind of operation here on the coast of Maine that they can in Detroit. But I'm happy to be thousands of miles from Detroit - just a country boy at heart!

      When I was a lad (you may remember, too) the Sears catalog was the source for almost anything you might want, from prefab houses to buttons. Even now one can order parts for their appliances from the Internet using the parts diagrams they supply.

      I'm probably too new to the BBS to have heard a commentary on your wonderful name. Surely someone must have inquired. It sounds Icelandic to me

      Thanks for your thoughtful words!