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Info on Agathon 175DIA, A or C tool grinders

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  • Info on Agathon 175DIA, A or C tool grinders

    Anyone have any hands on experience with this machine?
    Seems similar in operation to a Deckel SO, but as shown, more of a cemented carbide grinder.

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    screwmachine on pm has several agatons, if i remember correctly. imo, in the end, if your not a professional tool grinder, you can do most of what it does with a simple set up on any grinder.


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      Which would you do? Bid on the above mention machine at action (complete, operational, extra wheels) or buy a cheap chinese copy of a Deckel SO?


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        I'm not familiar with the Agathon and the video wasn't much help - "Here's another part for it but I don't know where it attaches or what it does." But just from a short look it seems to have more options than the Deckel SO which was designed around sharpening single lip cutters.

        Another possible advantage is that the Agathon is relatively unknown and might not draw much attention at auction, a dollar advantage to you.
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          The video was from a dealer, a very large dealer. The guy's not a machinist, maybe not even a mechanic. As a Swiss machine, guess it's not well known.