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Reeson / Ditron LCD DRO questions - anyone using one?

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  • aribert
    RB211: thanks for posting your experience with Ditron. Reading (and looking at the images) of VectorWarbirds recent posting is what made me look into the LCD DRO display. Unfortunately the brand that he bought does not appear to have a 4-axis model.

    weirdscience: also thanks for posting your experience w/ Ditron, the manuals and the link to Ditron's web page - I had not found that page when I started looking at LCD DROs. Another poster on this forum recently posted his ordeal with ordering a different brand of DRO thru Aliexpress. Since the Reeson DRO appears identical to the Ditron (even has the same model number on back), I figured I would pay the extra $50 to $75 for one bought thru eBay.

    I've bookmarked the Ditron link and will read / watch the videos when I have a bit of time the next few evenings. I was really interested in the Electronica EL700. I just did not contact them early enough before their stay at home / shutdown. They also offer the EL700 with glass scales for a cost save over magnetic scales and they include the touch probe with the DRO purchase. Just have no idea what the EL700 package cost is if purchased directly from the mfg in India. At DRO PROs, the probe is a $400 cost increase if bought with the unit, $900 (!!!) if bought individually. There is noway that I can justify either of those costs just to have the touch probe.

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  • wierdscience
    I have several Ditron DRO's in daily use at work and one in my home shop. Good value, the manuals are decent, not perfect, but workable. I bought mine through Aliexpress through the Ditron store.
    The last one I bought arrived with a damaged scale. I contacted Ditron directly through Aliexpress via e-mail and got a response next day. They had me trouble shoot a couple things, but when it was determined the scale was bad, they shipped out a new one which arrived in a couple days.

    The ones I have are all digital displays and not LCD, but I have been thinking about upgrading one of the DRO's at work to the LCD display since they are easier to use.

    The Ditron store-

    Website has some how to videos as well-

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  • RB211
    I have a Ditron 3 axis on my Bridgeport mill. I've used the Arc function on it quite successfully. The price you pay for it is well worth it. They are a great unit. I also have a Precision Mathews DRO on my lathe which I highly suspect is made by Ditron.
    Vector Warbirds has a nice thread on his LCD DRO which looks very nice for a good price.

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  • Reeson / Ditron LCD DRO questions - anyone using one?

    I am shopping for a 4-axis DRO for my new to me Bridgeport (this one has a 42 inch table - my current B'port has a short 32 inch table). After viewing a couple of videos on milling features on LCD screen DROs, I decided I am willing to splurge a bit. I can't afford or justify the Electronica EL700 from DRO Pros at $1800! I've tried to contact Electronica directly on a price for the EL700 with glass scales but India appears to still be on shut down and they have not responded over the past week. So now I am also looking at the Ditron (appears to also be badged as a Reeson) D80-4v. Links to both: Anyone have experience with either "brand"? How good is the manual? I am NOT a gamer and do not have the interest/aptitude on poking around to figure things out - I just want to be able to use them. My current small table B'port has the small grey cube Mitutoyo 2-axis DRO. I only use it for X & Y position - if it has other features, I am not aware of them.
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