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Covid 19 Mask making,Warning machining content

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  • metalfixer
    Great story, thanks for sharing.

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  • Covid 19 Mask making,Warning machining content

    Just thought i would share this here , it was initially in the media in Australia that the Australian Army was sent in to assist with mask production, then nothing more was heard, i decided to look into how it was progressing and was amazed to find this log, and found out about the machine and its designer, a bit of a good news story

    The world joined us on our quest to help PPE manufacturer, Med-Con increase its production from 2 million to 50 million masks per year. The challenge was to recreate three 40-year-old machines, in 60 days or less.

    and i think the company is based in what was Australias first ball bering company building , a plant built in WW2