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OT How do I post a picture from my PC

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  • OT How do I post a picture from my PC

    I do not know what I am missing but it is really bad.
    I do not find a way to read instructions on how to use this board, and what I see does not allow me to properly come up with good selection on where and how to post.
    I tryed one picture to see if it works what I can figure out.
    Any help appreciated.
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    This is WGonzalez2 again, the picture came out but where are the instructions for using the Forum?
    For example I do not know the rules for allowed and not allowed topics.
    I would like to see if there is people around my area (reasonable driving distance of Round Rock or Austin Texas) with interest or capability to have a DIY aluminum foundry and machining equipment as I do).
    I used to do both while overseas, but I have to start now from scratch again with the aluminum side.
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      In the lower right corner there is a "help" link, which directs here:

      It's not very detailed, but should be enough to get going. You might also search for posts about how to upload images and forum rules. But mostly just be respectful, and don't post anything about politics and religion. Also, no "for sale" posts, although sometimes the moderator, George Bullis, will make exceptions. PM him to ask. I see you joined way back in 2007. Welcome back!
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        You got me wondering whether I had a photo album, and on the left of the "help" was a link to "media". I found a thumbnail and "66 photos", but only the thumbnail was visible. I had been clicking on "upload attachments" bottom left and adding photos from the photos stored in my pc.