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    I've finally decided to join in on this forum, having been lurking here for the last year and a half and thoroughly enjoying and profitting by the wisdom as well as the wit displayed. I don't personally know anybody on this forum but feel as if I've known many for most of my 46 years. The term "amateur machinist", particularly the "amateur" part fits me very well - I was led into this hobby about 8 years ago by my late father as well as by Guy Lautard (whom I haven't met but still correspond with on occasion - it was through Guy I purchased my Myford Super 7, which is my 2nd lathe). I won't be posting much since my knowledge is miniscule compared to most - but I will say that it seems I learn something new each time I come here as I seem to learn something new each time I step up to my lathe. I would also like to echo Alistair Hosie's comment that this forum has some of the friendliest, nicest folks around. My regards to all of you.

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    Welcome aboard, where are you located and whats on your wish list?



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      I'm currently assigned in Mexico City, Mexico (hence the screen name "Guero", which is the Mexican term for a light-haired, light-skinned and blue or green-eyed guy). My eventual intention is to build Kozo Hiraoka's Pennsy A3 Switch Engine (and fortunately my wife supports me in this, otherwise life would stink). At this point I've been practicing and building my skills on small projects - Rudy Kouhoupt's knurling tool was the latest project I completed and it works beautifully. Due to the sloooow speed of my internet connection I won't be writing nor probably responding to a whole lot on this forum but I'll still be reading.


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        Welcome to the zoo. If you meet up with Guy, offer to take him to lunch for clam chowder - he knows THE best place on the west coast.

        If you ever need help don't be shy - their are no stupid questions, only stupid/smartass answers. Ain't life grand? And do not belittle yourself. Everyone has something to offer.

        Peace & Grace brother


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          Welcome aboard!! Don't worry about your present level of skill because before you know it, you'll be building scale models of all those Mexican narrow gauge locomotives we see in the John Wayne movies!!


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            Guero. Glad your here.

            Clam chowder on the West Coast????????
            Thrud you are truly a funny guy.

            Paul G.
            Paul G.


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              Welcom, go ahead and ask your questions. I probably won't know the answer but one of these guys will answer if for both of us.
              Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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                Welcome, glad to help if I can.


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                  Yeah, except we make ours with abalone.

                  So it tastes like real good clam chowder!
                  Not like the "real old stuff" on the east coast.

                  Hognuts optional!