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You know your HSD is bad when...

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    I seem to recall a different distinction as I stated above, but now what I have found is different. Alphabetization is putting words in alphabetical order.

    Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
    USA Maryland 21030


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      I enjoy being AC (acronym challenged).

      Much like getting older, when you walk into a room and forget WTF you were going in there for.
      When trying to remember someone's name.
      When in the middle of a sentence, going completely blank.

      I finally decided to just relax and enjoy it.
      After all, Zen monks spend a lifetime trying to achieve this state,
      and I'm getting it for free!

      What really bugs me is looking for things. Especially when I know I have 5 of them. Spent the last 2 days trying to find the scriber that I normally keep near the tailstock. It was 3 feet behind me on top of the lower tool box. I must have looked right at it a dozen times in the process of getting drills etc. and never saw it literally right under my nose.

      The answer to life is usually like that.
      25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA


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        I am afflicted with HSD. My son is the opposite, he has a "clean desk" mentality (see nothing but clean surfaces).
        If you can see the surface you are not working of enough projects. My problem is that I can't remember where I put stuff so I need everything out in the open. If I put something in a drawer or cabinet I spend an hour looking for it then go to the store and buy another one only to find 4 previously purchased of the same over the next month.