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OT: Should I allow this Windows Edge on my Windows 7 PC?

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  • OT: Should I allow this Windows Edge on my Windows 7 PC?

    I just got this Microsoft Edge update download from Micro Soft. I'm thinking I won't be happy with it, I don't want a bunch of back door Windows snooping & recording, and I've heard much about how they send you a FUBAR'd program and then you'll pull your hair out trying to fix it.
    I don't have any current issues, and I do have a good anti virus program already, so is their claimed "Updated protection" something I should want?
    I'm thinking it ain't broke, so don't fix it.
    Can anyone offer a good reason to Accept this update?
    Thank You, David in Sunny & Hot Malolos

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    I have had windows 7 for like 8 years now.
    I turned off ALL updates.
    Never had any updates.
    Never had a single problem either.
    Be a good lemming and drink the kool aid.



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      I got something similar- I tried to say no but it wouldn't accept that. Now I have something doing its thing in front of my browser- I have a wait state and the screen flashes bright, then dark- if I was epileptic it's enough to cause a seizure. As it is it's just very annoying- and I don't know what it's doing in my computer- I want to get rid of it but I don't know how.
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        NFW Doozer..... I'm too old fer extra Aggravation !! :^)

        Thanks for the warning darryl, that's the kind of stuff I want to avoid.

        I'm going to try not accept
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          MS Edge gave me problems on my first Win10 machine, so I have been using Firefox as my browser. I had been using Edge as my default PDF viewer but it was updated to the "latest and greatest" where much of the PDF functionality was gone. I now use PDF X and I'm reasonably happy with that.

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            Originally posted by darryl View Post
            I got something similar- I tried to say no but it wouldn't accept that. . .
            You just need to open task manager and 'end process' for edge. Now that you've gone this far I don't know what the solution is.

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              Wait a Minute.
              MS stopped all support for Win 7 , so why do they say to update it ?
              Very Suspicious to me... never had it on my Wonderful Win 7 PC's with Firefox and Duck Duck Go
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                This is quite interesting since the earlier versions of Windows were finally killed by lack of browser support. It's also interesting that Microsoft threw in the towel by using the open source Chromium browser for the basis of the new Edge. You may notice the similarities to Chrome. M$ claims less memory usage than Chrome.
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                  Thanks Everyone for your comments. I declined their offer & uninstalled it. It didn't have a "no" button, so it first required the task manager to turn it off.
                  i expect they'll try to install it again tomorrow. I just want to see if they try again. After that I'll turn off the check for updates option.


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                    Microsoft edge automatically downloaded on my Windows 7 PC a few days ago. It didn't ask for permission like everything else does it just started a download when I turned the PC on. I opened it and looked at it briefly but didn't do anything with it and haven't looked at it since. Like others have said I don't have the time and patience for any more aggravation with computers.
                    So so unless I missing something here what's the big issue with it just uninstall it.



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                      At one time, the web browser was interlinked into windows such that if you got rid of it some OS functions would not work..... it was "explorer", used for "exploring" the file structure as well as the web.

                      No idea if that is still true.

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                        After the discontinuation of the old Windows Help files (*.hlp), many newer help files (*.chm) are compiled HTML, and needed a browser to access and navigate them. It is apparently possible to install Winhlp32.exe on Win10.



                        I have found that many newer apps rely on on-line help, and it may be difficult to download and access local help files.
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                          I have had the new edge download on four pc's in the last week, and the adjustments available for customising preferences are poor, to say the least, so much so that I am slowly going over to Firefox. They have made simple controls difficult, it should be easy to set the machine to forget the websites you are logged into when the machine is shut down. I don't want to see my name when switching on the pc, turming on the browser and going to ebay, for example. I want to sign in every time, for security purposes. After much messing about, I have got it working somewhat but am not pleased with Microsofts way of doing it. The average user will not have any idea that their security is compromised by a browser that is meant to be secure.

                          By the way, you will not get a choice, they will change it whether you like it or not. The only way round it will be to choose, download and use another browser. Don't ditch the new edge until any favorites you have are transfered and the replacement is working to your satisfaction.
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                            If you do not like how Windows handles updates, remember you do not have to accept the default choice on how updates are handled.
                            In Windows 7's control panel under "Windows Update" you have 4 options that allow you to select an action pertaining to how Windows will react when updates become available.

                            1. Install updates automatically.

                            2. Download updates but let me choose whether to install them.

                            3. Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.

                            4. Never check for updates.

                            Having selected option 3 I did receive notification that an update was available. Having checked to see what the update consisted of I declined the offer as I do not like Edge and am quite happy with Firefox. No sense fixing what isn't broken, only to make it worse

                            I received these notifications for a few days and then they disappeared.

                            I should add that one also has the option to hide unwanted updates by simply right clicking the update in question and selecting "hide update".
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                              "3. Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them." Even if you use this option, it's a good idea to review the description of the update. M$ has been disabling software and options since Win10 came out. M$ tried to sneak an Edge update last week. It continues to show up as an Ad on IE-11. I still get MS Office updates for security faults but look those over too. If I'm uncertain about an update, I postpone installing it until I find comments about it on one of the Windows 7 forums.