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Have I Ruined My SouthBend 9B?

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    Abn could you please help me navigate through the LOGSA site to find that manual? I'm not sure where it is or if special access is required.



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      Unlike some of the comments voiced, since it is your machine and you deem it rebuildable don't let them stop you. The rust alone merits the work in my book. But then, I don't throw the baby out just because it poops its pants - I clean it up and rediaper!

      You do the human race credit in refusing to settle for "good enough" and not just throwing it out and buying 3rd. rate garbage.

      Pat your self on the back.

      Some taper pins can be bought with the ends drilled & tapped for extraction with a cap screw and an sleeve as a "puller". This prevents peening on high quality bearings.


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        Thrud, that is an excellent idea.

        And, taper pins if not hardened or too small, can be drilled and presumably tapped.

        I had to turn a thread on the end of one to fix the clapperbox for my Atlas shaper. It was not hardened as far as I could tell. At least not beyond what HSS would cut nicely.

        You Do have to make a holder sleeve to work on them, but that isn't too hard. And, you will be doing the easy end, the larger.
        That thread had to be cut on the small end, so it wanted to push the pin out of the holder sleeve.